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Technology Team

Eagle Aerospace is a leading provider of digital solutions for airfield management, delivering software, sensors, and data services that enable and optimize intelligent & autonomous processes. Our solutions ensure safe, efficient, and green airfield operations by enhancing accuracy, reducing downtime, and improving overall efficiency. Our team of experts offers customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing end-to-end support and seamless integration with existing systems. Discover how our digital transformation solutions can optimize your airfield management today.

Eagle Aerospace
Team Eagle

Our Story


 Team Eagle Ltd. has been committed to enhancing the safety and operational efficiency in the aviation industry for over 47 years. Engaged in the design, research and development and after-market service for airfield equipment, safety devices, sensors and professional airfield operation management software applications, the Team Eagle Group of Companies remain focused on developing and delivering innovative airfield technology solutions for safer, more efficient and greener airport runway operations. A proud Canadian company, headquartered in Campbellford, ON, Team Eagle sells products directly and through global partners in over 100 countries and growing.

Eagle Aerospace is supported by a reputation as an innovation leader and subject matter experts in airfield operations management. With an established core of commercialization partners, and supported by a strong government and academic eco-system, Eagle has an approachable, capable, and knowledgeable team interacting with a global contact base on-the-ground.

Experienced Leadership

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