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Incursion Management

Vehicle Runway Incursion Warning System for
Safe Navigation Assistance

Our Runway Incursion Warning System (ATIMS) provides logic to assist vehicle operators in navigating the airfield safely. With real-time and historical views of airfield vehicle activity, our solution helps prevent incursions and improve overall airfield safety. Our system offers advanced features for detecting and warning of potential incursions, including audio and visual alerts. Discover how our Runway Incursion Warning System can help ensure safe navigation on your airfield today.

Airfield Incursion Management

Delivers Alerts

  • A proximity alarm alerts vehicle operators to approaching critical points on the airfield so that action may be taken before an incursion or incident occurs

  • Geo-Fencing Integration is customizable for all airfield zones

  • Delivering alerts for Hold Line Markings, ILS Critical Areas, Runway Safety Areas and “hotspots”, with both standard and non- standard dimensions, and other areas as required

  • User defined “No Go Zones”

  • Command & Control Server can be hosted internally or on a Team Eagle hosted cloud server

Airfield Safe Navigation

Helping to Prevent Incursions

ATIMS™ is Compliant with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210-25 “Performance Specifications for Airport Vehicle RIWS” Note: ATIMS™ LITE units are not compliant as they do not have a screen.

Incursion Warning System


A compact unit that sits on a vehicle dashboard within the driver’s eyesight and provides simple audio message and indicator flashing light alerts based on the vehicle position relative to the airfield runways, taxiways, and other alert zones created by you.

This unit is perfect for airports who want to ensure visitors / contractors adhere to safety regulations.

Runway Incursion Warning
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