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Aircraft Deceleration

Early Warning System 

For Continuous Monitoring of Your Runways

Runway Condition Monitoring

Leveraging Every Aircraft as an Objective Sensor 

Our cloud-based intelligent system silently monitors aircraft landing data to alert operators of potentially slippery or degrading runway conditions. With 24/7/365 global runway monitoring, our solution analyzes aircraft braking (deceleration), stopping distances, steering control, and artifacts/anomalies of interest. Providing real-time alerts helps airfield operators take necessary actions to prevent runway incidents and ensure safe and efficient airfield operations. Discover how our cloud-based intelligent system can improve your runway safety today.

Cloud Software Platform

Utilizing machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze real-time data on aircraft position and weather conditions, ADEW provides a proactive and ongoing evaluation of runway conditions. This platform was designed to improve safety and efficiency opportunities by identifying potential issues in advance and taking appropriate action.

Aircraft Deceleration Early Warning System


The system sends alerts to airport operators in the event of landing anomalies and provides trend analysis to warn of changes that could indicate that runway conditions differ from previous reports. This feature enables operators to respond quickly to changing conditions, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents or other incidents. 

Runway Condition Alerts

User-Friendly Dashboard

The ADEW dashboard view offers a clear overview of all landings and highlights where an alert has been issued, enabling users to quickly identify potential areas of concern.

Data is archived to provide an auditable record and the ability to generate reports to search based on such fields as: runway, aircraft type, date, alert status etc.

Aircraft landing performance

Report Generation

ADEW offers situational awareness into aircraft wheel braking availability in all conditions, including dry, wet, snow, ice, rubber, sand, and other contaminants. The system also provides data on veer-off risk, with directional compliance monitoring, and offers objective 3rd party validation of on-board data such as angle of approach, height over threshold, air and ground speeds, point of touchdown, and hard landings.

aircraft braking performance

Helping to Reduce the Risk of Excursions

​ADEW provides an alert via short message service (SMS) and/or e-mail message, data is stored in a manner that allows fast and easy mining where analytics have identified poor deceleration or directional compliance on contaminated runways. This could mean rubber build up, snow/ice/other contaminants, loss of texture, or the development of runway surface irregularities.

  • Braking and centerline compliance reports of every aircraft that lands.

  • Customized threshold alerts allow airports to be proactive instead of reactive to changing runway conditions.

  • Archives all landings to allow airports to run reports based on time of year, runway, aircraft type, etc.

Monitoring Every Single Aircraft Landing - 24/7/365

Watch ADEW Information Session Webinar Recorded December 8, 2022
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