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Elevate Airport Safety Standards with Advanced Airfield Navigation Technology

Discover the power of innovative airfield navigation safety technology designed to elevate airport safety standards and help to mitigate potential risks. At Eagle, we offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance situational awareness to minimize accidents, streamline processes, and ensure the highest level of driver safety.


Asset Tracking & Incursion Management

ATIMS™ is a tool that utilizes GPS/GIS technology to present a moving map display of an airfield. With geo-fencing, the system alarms operators when vehicles enter restricted areas. This helps to prevent accidents and keeps the airfield operating safely and efficiently.


Driver Enhanced Vision System

Eagle Eye™ equips ARFFr crews and airfield assets with the necessary situational awareness to safely and expediently navigate the airfield during challenging low and no visibility conditions.


Rollover Warning Devices

Stability Dynamics offers a suite of innovative safety solutions designed to help reduce the risk of large commercial vehicle rollovers for Fire Fighting and Military vehicles.


Driver Training Simulation

Advanced simulation technology exposes drivers to scenarios that cannot be safely trained against in real-world environments, enabling them to develop critical skills and experience without putting individuals or equipment at risk.

Airfield Driver Simulation Training
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