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Measure Runway Conditions Accurately & Objectively.

Runway Condition Reporting

Unlock the power of advanced technologies to revolutionize your airfield operations. At Eagle, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data software analytics to provide you with comprehensive, advanced, real time solutions to enhance runway safety, increase productivity, and improve the accuracy and speed of your operation procedures.

Advanced Runway Condition Reporting

CART-RCR represents a number of decision and reporting support tools packaged together to provide the ultimate solution for measuring runway surface conditions accurately & objectively. RSC software makes it seamless to report regulatory requirements for ICAO's Global Reporting Format (GRF).

Aircraft Deceleration Early Warning 

ADEW uses up-to-date data on aircraft location and weather to constantly monitor and evaluate the condition of your runway. This means you can proactively assess the conditions on the runway in real time.

Runway Condition Assessment Camera

Specialized optical sensors and advanced machine learning software, along with an inspection camera, to accurately and objectively measure and evaluate the condition of airfield surfaces for GRF reporting.


Aircraft Braking Availability Tester

The BAT™ is the only device in the world that measures how slippery a runway is for aircraft. Intelligently integrating an actual aircraft anti-skid braking components into a ground-based vehicle.


Runway Condition Reporting Software

WinterOps™ and ChemicalOps ™ are offered as a module in the AIROps™ suite. Information is presented through a visual display of temperatures, friction values and defined priority areas, collecting, recording and storing event data for GRF reporting.



The TWO is a robust, durable, and accurate instrument for precise and efficient pavement friction measurement device mounted directly on a vehicle or pre-installed on a special trailer. 


Olsense Technology AS is a Norwegian company.

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