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Cloud-based Inspection, Reporting & Analytics on Any Device.

Airfield Operations Software
Experience the Next Generation Airfield Management Software that combines the power of advanced software with the flexibility of cloud technology. Our comprehensive suite provides professional airfield operations and inspection management capabilities, including GRF and regulatory reporting, data analytics, and optimized airfield maintenance requirements. With AIROps™ Cloud, you can streamline your operations, harness valuable insights, and adapt to evolving needs with ease. Unleash the potential of cloud-based airfield management for enhanced efficiency, compliance, and decision-making.

Transform Your Airfield Operations 

AIROps™ Cloud offers a suite of powerful features tailored to meet the challenges of the airfield environment. Take advantage of robust incident management tools, automated reporting capabilities, and integrated communication channels to ensure quick response times, minimize downtime, and enhance safety protocols. Seamlessly integrate with current systems and data sources to leverage your existing infrastructure.

Transitioning to a cloud-based approach enables easy scalability, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure investments.

Enjoy the flexibility to add modules and functionalities as your needs evolve. With our software, you can access critical operational data anytime, anywhere, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve overall airfield performance. Partnering with us means more than just software. Our dedicated customer support team is committed to your success, providing comprehensive training, ongoing assistance, and timely updates. We are your trusted partner throughout your journey, ensuring a seamless implementation process and continuous support as you optimize your airfield operations.

Autonomous Airfield Perimeter Fence Inspection

Through a strategic partnership with a consortium of industry pioneers specializing in connectivity, automation, artificial intelligence, and airside digital solutions, such as CISCO, Honda, Genwave Technologies, and Illuminex AI, we've pioneered an unprecedented solution for enhancing airport perimeter security and fence inspections.

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September 14, 2023

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Airfield Inspection
Airfield Operations Software
  • Access: Easy access and deployment of airfield operation applications, centralized tools and information.

  • Scalability:  AIROps™ can seamlessly scale from a single module and location to a large, multi-airport deployment with various airfield management software modules.

  • Subscription-based service: AIROps™ offers a subscription model that includes different software modules, sensors, hardware, and equipment in a single monthly price.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with new or existing sensors and airport data.

  • Reduced capital and support costs: Elimination of expensive hardware infrastructure, lower onsite IT maintenance and support costs, and decreased energy consumption.

  • Disaster recovery and data protection: Built-in data replication, backup, and disaster recovery options in Team Eagle's cloud solution remove the need for separate backup infrastructure and associated costs.

  • Flexible: Flexibility to choose between cloud hosting or on-premises installation.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Customers can use a range of mobile computing devices supporting iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems instead of costly inspection vehicles' computers.


Current Modules

Airfield Operations Software Module

General Inspection

  • Helping Airport Operations with regulatory reporting and compliancy with Part 139 (US), TP312 (Canada) and ICAO requirements

  • The user interface is intuitive and highly configurable based on specific regulatory environments

  • Device agnostic, iOS, Android, Windows

  • Can be cloud-based or local dedicated server

Airfield Operations Software Module

Bird & Wildlife

  • Can report bird and wildlife strikes anywhere on the airfield.  

  • Reporting on aircraft information, damage to the aircraft, weather conditions, the species of wildlife  etc. per regulatory guidelines

  • Collect, analyze and report bird and wildlife observations

Airfield Operations Software Module

Electrical Ops™

  • Reporting and tracking on airfield electrical fixtures including lighting and signage

Work Order_final_edited.png

Work Order 

  • Work orders can be issued directly from Discrepancies or Observation, or separately

  • Initiate and track workorders with customizable reports

  • Will support integration to customer’s existing work order systems

Airport Operations Software Module

Runway Surface Condition Reporting (WinterOps™ RSC)

  • This module allows the user to create Runway Surface Condition reports suitable for submitting to regulating authorities. It records surface contaminants, friction readings, etc. and allows for reports to be produced based on the information entered

Airfield Operations Software Module

Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Includes Potential Hazard, Accident/Incident reporting and trend analysis and resolution tracking


  • Reporting on airfield accidents and event
    Note: This can be added as part of General Airfield Inspection, or as part of SMS

Potential Hazard

  • Reporting on potential airfield hazard
    Note: This can be added as part of General Airfield Inspection, or as part of SMS

Modules Currently being moved to the Cloud.

Airfield Operations Software Module

Checklist Builder

  • Create custom checklists for inspections

  • Allows for the inspections to be tailored to your airport

  • The Checklist Builder builds a Checklist that is then accessible on the Inspection program on the tablet/laptop

  • This Checklist is intended to be created by an Administrator as a definitive set of steps that should be reviewed by the Inspector 

  • The Administrator can set it so that if a check is failed, it prompts the Inspector to create a discrepancy or observation

  • Examples could include checklists for fuel farms, gates, fence-lines etc.

Airfield Operations Software Module

Chemical Ops™

  • Assists with oversight and decision-making tools for effective and efficient use of airfield chemicals 

  • Collect, analyze and report chemical observations

  • Store data for historical query, analysis and reporting

  • In conjunction with WinterOps™ RSC, chemical applications can be assigned based on measured conditions such as braking availability, friction and temperature

  • Track and manage airfield chemical activities via GPS

  • Wireless command and control options

  • Easily integrates with airfield chemical application vehicles

Inspection Builder_final.png

Inspection Builder

  • Inspections created in the Inspection Builder by the Administrator that flow down to the Inspection tablets/laptops

  • They then become available as selectable Inspections to perform by Inspection staff

Daily Log

Daily Log

  • Record and log events throughout the day

  • Link related events, summary reporting

Airfield Task Manager

Task Calendar

  • Plan daily tasks for each staff title

  • Supervisor, Operator list is customizable

  • Tracks task status throughout the day

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