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Runway Condition Assessment Camera

Objective Decision Support Tool

Our Real Time RCAM camera provides objective and accurate estimates of the percent of contaminate on the runway. By taking the human subjectivity out of runway condition reporting, our solution enhances the accuracy of GRF reporting and validates contaminate removal in real-time to meet airfield operating objectives. Discover how our RCAM camera can improve your runway condition reporting today.

The RCAM system integrates specialized optical sensors and Machine Learning (ML) software, to accurately and objectively assess and report contaminant coverage on runways.

Software to Automate Your ICAO-GRF Reporting Requirement

The RCAM system feeds directly into WinterOps™ RSC software which integrates multiple data points from various sources such as temperatures and friction values for analysis and real-time reporting. WinterOps™ will generate the condition code assessment for review and confirmation by the user, with little to no human subjectivity or intervention.

The RCAM system comes with a sensor unit including a visual camera to assess percentage coverage.

It also includes a GPS sensor for the vehicle and a Windows based machine learning platform that accesses an AI knowledge database to deliver a recommended Runway Condition Code.


Sensor Unit

with quick release.



RCAM Sensor Processing Unit and Sensor Management.


In-vehicle Monitor

RCAM Windows-based software using machine learning for image analysis.

The RCAM supports the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix and auditable reporting requirements for FAA-TALPA and ICAO-GRF
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