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Train Your Crew With Our New Airfield Driver  Simulation  Solution

Advanced Airfield Driver Simulator

Enhance and accelerate airside driver training and safe operation through simulation. Our advanced simulation technology exposes drivers to scenarios that cannot be safely trained against in real-world environments, enabling them to develop critical skills and experience without putting individuals or equipment at risk. By tailoring the simulation to your specific airfield geometry and standard operating procedures (SOPs), we ensure that the training is highly relevant and applicable to your unique operational environment.

This comprehensive approach to driver training promotes increased safety, efficiency, and proficiency in airside operations.

Simulators deliver the “Art of the Possible

Our immersive Airfield Driver Training Simulation offers airfield operators with unparalleled experience in navigating the "active airfield" and its surroundings with complete freedom, regardless of ground and air traffic conditions.

Simulation provides the unique ability to create customized conditions, giving full control over the season and day, precipitation levels, haze, wind, temperature, and surface conditions. This level of customization ensures that operators can train in various realistic scenarios and adapt to different environmental challenges.

As safety is the utmost priority, our simulation solutions allows for repetitive training in all situations and crises at any point of the airport and its surroundings. Operators can practice and refine their skills, enhance the ability to make split-second decisions and react appropriately in high-pressure situations.

Furthermore, our simulation enables training in emergency and failure scenarios of simulated equipment without any disruption or danger. Operators can tackle these challenges in a controlled environment, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of proper protocols and procedures.

We understand that real-life situations can be physically and mentally demanding. That's why we designed to replicate the fatigue and intensity of stressful conditions. This feature ensures that you can train in a realistic environment, building resilience and honing on skills even under the most challenging circumstances.

Experience the future of airfield driver training with our state-of-the-art simulation. Prepare your operators for the unexpected, master critical decision-making, and become confident and competent on the airfield.

Driver Training Simulation
Airfield driver simulation training
Airfield Equipment Driver Training

Supporting Your Training Challenges

  •  With a significant uptick in the pace of turnover post-covid, the cost and time associated with training new airside licensed drivers is a significant challenge for most airports.

  • The cost of operating heavy snow removal equipment on the airfield results in significant depreciation, fuel and emissions on assets. 

  • In addition to regular wear and tear on equipment, improper operating procedures during the driver familiarization process presents a risk for damage to vehicles and property.


Sustainability & Return on Investment

  • Training simulators are 20x more environmentally efficient than ZEV’s and nearly 150x more efficient than gasoline vehicles.

  • Fuel savings combined with an estimated 10hr per trainee reduction in supervisor time provides a compelling hard ROI.

  • Other ROI elements including lower cost of maintenance, enhanced safety and ease of scheduling for simulation-based training further enhance the value proposition for simulator adoption.

Airfield Driver Training
  • Combined Experience: Best in class simulation technology from Aerospace Industries with Eagle’s Airside expertise to deliver airside training and simulation specifically tailored to your unique airfield.

  • Solution Breadth: Spectrum of solutions built on a common platform that scale from classroom simulators to fully immersive simulation experience.

  • Operational Collaboration: Simulators can be linked to support tandem operations or shared experience between various simulator types or vehicle types.  Ideal for runway clearing simulation conga line + supervisor vehicle.

  • Shared Experience: Network simulators in multiple locations for enhanced training.

  • Modular architecture: Modular architecture allows customer to upgrade to different vehicles, platforms, or simulation complexity as needed.

  • Realistic Experience: The simulator platform can support thousands of simultaneous roaming elements to enable an “active airfield” experience.

Customized Range of Solutions

  • Common software framework: (Mix and Match Integration)

  • Virtual environment training process management software

  • Compatibility module enabling system components to work together in training networks 

  • Easily combine multiple simulator types into a unified event training scenario

  • Training devices: Driver training simulator (car, truck, bus, ARFF), Runway Sweeper/Blower 

  • Other airfield maintenance and support equipment

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